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For the Love of Books and Reading!

All you need to do is look around and see the magic that stories bring us and how reading and books enrich our lives. Through the week students from every grade were able to dive into literature as well as story writing and celebrate books in many way. Looking around at the excitement, wonder and inspiration on our student’s faces, there is no doubt about the importance of literature in their lives.

This year's Book Week saw the school dressing up as their favourite characters. Our staff took a dive into the magical world of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. Students on the other hand were inspired by fairy tales, super heroes, classic Australian literature and a smorgasbord of popular fiction. Was so much fun! Was great to see some of our up-and-coming young siblings joining in the dress-ups. Time and time again, we see the impact that stories have on the lives of our children, as well as how these creative worlds of imagination and fantasy enrich our lives. We should have a dress-up day every week!

In another chapter of this year’s Book Week story students travelled to all parts of the world and galaxy, across all periods in history, in a Time Machine which appeared at the school. Students battled dinosaurs, solved crimes, explored their futures and even discovered new planets. Many stories were inspired and students from every grade enjoyed this opportunity to creatively write.

If we can learn anything from this year’s Book Week, it is that our children love having the chance to escape to everywhere, that they love to explore the many worlds of fantastical literature and that there are many wonderful characters that they hold dearly inside them.

Now that Spring is here, maybe its a good time to sit in the sun with a book and escape to where ever you want to.


Sport News

Netball Gala Day

Last Tuesday 22nd August, 9 teams of students from Stage 2 and 3 travelled to Penrith to compete in the Diocese Netball Gala Day. It was a warm day with a clear blue sky and the children were able to enjoy being part of a team and play against different schools from all over diocese. Across our teams we had students who were seasoned weekend players as well as those picking up a netball for the first time. Throughout the day we had mixed successs though everyone enjoyed the day and the chance to play. A big thank you to all our parents who were able to support us, especially those who volunteered to be a team manager for the day. Without this support we wouldn’t have been able to participate. Thank you also to the high school girls who supported us as umpires, giving their day freely and helping us with our games. Thank you to Miss Mortimer who spent much time planning and organising the day.

It was a much needed time of community and togetherness.

Diocese Athletics Carnival

On Friday 25th the different zone teams competed in the Diocese Athletics Carnival. Julio from Stage 2 and Jayden from Stage 3 both qualified to compete in discuss, representing St Bernadette’s. Although Jayden was not able to attend, Julio was able to particiapte and from all students across the many schools in Parramatta, came fourth, just missing the opportunity to compete at the next level. Congratulations to Julio for this remarkable acheivement!

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