Reading Comprehension and Assessment PAT R

Reading Comprehension and Assessment - PAT-R

In the development of reading there are many skills from the fundamental understanding of letters and their sounds, to deciphering words and texts, reading images and importantly the comprehension of what is read. In this past week, students from Year 2 to Year 6 have been completing an assessment called the PAT-R. This stands for Progressive Achievement Test in Reading. It is an online assessment that students sit once a year and provides a means for monitoring development of reading comprehension, as well as valuable diagnostic information to further assist students. It is important to consider that this assessment is one of many ways in which comprehension is assessed, and that observation of student development is ongoing through the whole year. Just like the NAPLAN assessment, it is a one off snap-shot of a student’s work on one day.

The results from these assessments will be used, together with other assessment strategies to guide your child’s reading progress and this will be reflected in their end of year report later this term. 

If you have any questions regarding this please contact the school.

Mr Stennett

Acting Assistant Principal