Students as Writers

Developing Our Student Writing - Challenging Our Thinking

To develop and grow in any area sometimes it is essential to stop and question your beliefs. Do we always approach the same concept and skill with the same values and views?

This term our teachers have been challenging our beliefs in writing and reflecting on these in our learning spaces.

Each teacher has nominated one specific aspect of writing to consider, develop and then feedback on.

In challenging your own assumptions and views on writing, here are a few questions that you may ask yourself about how you believe writing should be taught, and what is the best environment for rich writing.

  • Should students be allowed to sit or go anywhere to write?

  • Should students be allowed to borrow ideas from other writers?

  • Should students be allowed to pass when it comes to sharing their work?

  • Should drawing and illustrating be an important part of learning to write - even for our older students?

  • Should students be given free choice between pencil and paper and using technology?


Hopefully some of these questions will get you thinking? What are you sure about? What does it make you consider?

Next week, I will respond to these and maybe offer you a different way of thinking!

Mr Stennett