Superheroes for Julian

Superheroes for Julian!

Yesterday the school celebrated the life and love of Julian: joining together in community in a wonderful day of fun, excitement and smiles. As Julian loved super heroes, everyone donned their capes and suits and threw themselves into an action packed day: a day that Julian would have loved.

Over the past weeks since the tragic news of Julian’s loss, the community has been inundated with messages of support and shared grief. Yesterday can only be described as the accumulation of this, with businesses from across Sydney contributing to a day of happiness for our children after a difficult term and in celebration of Julian’s life. Even now, the school is working to ensure that all contributions are properly acknowledged - there are too many to name just yet.  

Beginning with a prayer lead by Mr Kapitanow and specially written for Julian, the school gathered in a myriad of super hero colours and padded muscle. It wasn’t long before we looked to the sky as Polair circled and, sirens blaring, landed on the adjoining oval. And from that point on, the fun never stopped.

In our morning session, students took turns having a look through the Police helicopter and talking with the Polair team. We had a chance to cuddle one of the Police dog trainee pups, check out a highway patrol car and sit in a fire engine. Ready Steady Go had us skipping, hopping, crawling and leaping through an obstacle course as well as playing games with hoops and mini-bean bags. In the meantime, we were also shaking it down with Dance Fever in our parish hall.

A big thank you to Coles Stanhope Gardens who supplied the school with juice, apples and chips for recess. Even Healthy Harold wanted to say hello, appearing at morning tea to give the thumbs up to healthy lunches as well as high fives to all his friends.

After a little to eat, we gathered back into our class groups to begin again. The Parramatta Eels really came to the party, running a football workshop with races and ball games and later presenting a $1000 cheque to the Cadman’s GoFundMe initiative. Sydney Thunder cricket team were with us with our students having an opportunity to show off our throwing skills. The music was on once again in our parish hall with the children shaking a tail feather and having a groove. A huge thank you to Carmen Bonello for providing her time and expertise as we took turns to strut our superhero stuff in front of the camera and amazing Marvel backdrop. Students’ faces started to sprout rainbows, spiderwebs, glitter and spooky scars with volunteer face-painters showing their creative talents. Batman and Spiderman roamed the school keeping an eye out for any super villains and otherwise having fun with the students. In the meantime, we took turns jumping out whatever energy we may have had left in two jumping castles.

Students and parents were able to sit down for lunch and enjoy some delicious pizza, generously cooked for us by Dino’s Pizza Van. After a chance to rest from the day’s activities we came together as a school and with hopeful raffle tickets in hand, drew out the many winners of our raffle. Congratulations to Shaun from Stage 1 who won our first prize, a TV donated by the Good Guys Prospect.

Yesterday was a unique day - it was the embodiment of the care and love shown for Julian, and the strength of our community. Once the dust has settled we will try and thank everyone who contributed though this will be no easy task. In the meantime, a massive thank you to everyone who made this day what it was - which was a fitting tribute to our beautiful boy Julian.