Our Story

Our school was established back in 1960 when the parish priest, Father Leonard asked the Sisters of St Joseph to start up the school close to St Bernadette’s Church. In 1979, Father Tim Crowley was appointed Parish Priest. He remained in the parish for 23 years and was responsible for many improvements, including Out of Hours School Care, which has assisted with enabling parents who work to continue to do so.

Our current Parish Priest is Father Andrew Robinson. He is an active member of our school community and has been our Parish Priest since 2002.

Much of our school has evolved and seen many great improvements including a new canteen and multi-purpose room, refurbishment of the Learning Centre (our library) and classrooms, and an updated adventure playground which includes new play equipment, soft fall and playground games. We also have use and enjoyment of five shaded areas for work as well as play, and the sacredness of a sensory garden is offered to our students to care for and to be, stewards of our Earth. We have access to the parish hall and the playing field located behind the school, which we utilise for some school events.

Our contemporary learning spaces include state-of-the-art acoustic tiles, enclosed learning pods for group work, and larger learning spaces in classrooms provide for different, flexible learning styles and diverse student needs. Technology is highly valued at St Bernadette’s and is integral for today’s learning. Learning technologies are integrated throughout the curriculum, with students and teachers increasingly using a range of technologies and multimedia to enrich learning and teaching. We encourage 'hands on' experiences so that our students might explore and develop, as independent and effective users of information relevant to their lives.