2018 Term 1 Week 4

From The Principal

Last Wednesday the season of Lent began. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of a forty day period in which we are all called to remember the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert resisting Satan’s temptations. Lent is a time for us to reflect on our lives through the acts of prayer, fasting and sharing. As a family, this is a time in which a renewal of family prayer time could help to revitalise your faith and connection to God in preparation for Easter.

Last week the Positive Behaviour Support 4 Learning (PBS4L) Team began their training. PBS4L is a diocesan initiative that aims to put a spot light on all behaviour management practices within the school. Last week what developed a greater understanding of the journey a head. This initiative is not a quick fix, but a well paced improvement program that calls on the whole staff, students, parents and wider community to improve how we build relationships and respond when these relationships are negatively impacted upon. More information will be provided as the team meets with the guidance of an external coach to do the work. The team consists of, Mr Crothers, Ms Stapley, Mrs Huntington, Mrs Goodchild,Mrs Galea and myself.

This week we have begun to plan how the school will be supported by System provided Teaching Educators. This term we will welcome Teaching Educators for Literacy, Numeracy, Project Based Learning and Behaviour Management. We look forward to the work they will do with our staff to improve student learning outcomes.

I want to thank all parents for supporting our return to consistent uniform expectations for all students. The overwhelming feedback i have is that the improvement in standards is significant. This small, but significant change shows the community that the students have pride in their school and themselves.

Parent Teacher chats were held this week. I want to thank all parents for diligently attending these meetings. I know the temptation is to not commit to such meetings. But this small amount of time is extremely helpful to teachers and can save a lot of time down the track. For those parents who did not attend I encourage you to contact the class teacher and arrange a suitable time to discuss your child. Children change from year to year, even if you maintained the same class teacher for 2018 your child has developed and their needs have changed.

As always my door is open and I appreciate any feedback on our initiatives or ways we can improve our school.

Mr Phill Kapitanow Principal