Term 3 Week 8


This week students in Year 3 and 5 participated in mandatory NAPLAN online trials. These assessments were conducted under test conditions with the main purpose of assessing the technology capabilities of the school and NAPLAN testing site.

The trials seem to have gone well. The teachers made several observations which we will use to inform our preparation for NAPLAN as it moves to an online format.

No results from these trial assessments will be made available to schools or parents. This was a decision made by government and applies to all schools.



This week  the Principal's position at St Bernadette’s was advertised by the Catholic Education Office Parramatta.  It is important that this process proceed as St Bernadette’s needs to have a permanent Principal appointed for 2018, all going well our community will know the outcome by the end of this term.


Many of you would be aware that I have been in the position of Acting Principal for the last 12 months as Mrs Devlin was seconded to work at the Catholic Education office for 2018 . In my role as Acting Principal at St Bernadette’s I have been well supported and leading St Bernadette’s school has been a privilege. I have always said that our destiny is at the discretion of God. I didn’t plan on being Acting Principal in 2017 and this year has proved to be a challenging year, one I will never forget and one that I am thankful for.

Mrs Devlin has accepted the position of Learning Leader at the Catholic Education Office, a senior  leadership position where she can use her leadership and expertise for the benefit of the whole of the Diocese.

Mrs Devlin has given distinguished service to the St Bernadette’s community, where she has worked tirelessly to improve teaching and learning. She implemented changes that will see our school build and develop well into the future. She established a culture that ensures students are the centre of our decisions. In the near future there will be an opportunity for our community to gather and thank Mrs Devlin for her work at St Bernadette’s and congratulate her on her appointment as a senior leader in CEDP.

It is now time for a permanent Principal to be appointed to our school, someone who will build on the strengths of our school and ensure that we are a community that show the face of Jesus.



This week has seen some changes to the school Leadership Team. This was the result of, Ms Janssen going on maternity leave. Ms Janssen led Special Projects at the school.

Mr Cowan has decided to step down as a member of the Leadership Team to concentrate on class teaching. Mr Cowan has led Numeracy as Lead Teacher with distinction in the school for the last two years. He is thanked for his service to the community and will continue to share his skills and knowledge with staff.

As a result, Mrs Maher has been appointed as Lead Teacher of Literacy. Mrs Maher has a wealth of experience with a vast amount of literacy specialist training. This role will see Mrs Maher work across the school to lead Literacy and support myself to ensure the needs of students are met.

Ms Stapley has been appointed as Special Projects Leader. She will work with myself to improve our outdoor learning spaces with a focus on break activities and outside learning in infants grades. Ms Stapley will also support myself to ensure the needs of students are met.

Mr Stennett will continue in the role as Leading Learner but will focus on Numeracy. Mrs Buenaventura will continue to lead us in Religious Education.

I wish to thank Ms Janssen and Mr Cowan for their distinguished service and wish Mrs Maher and Ms Stapley every success as they begin their journey into leadership with St Bernadette’s.



The community have all been touched by the tragic loss of Julian Cadman in Spain. I have had many conversations with parents, children, teachers and strangers all detailing how this event has personally affected them. I have struggled to come to terms with the loss of Julian and the difficult task of understanding how the family must feel and how I can support them.

This week I had the privilege of talking directly to Julian’s mum and dad. I know you all want news of their progress. Jom, Julian’s mum is progressing well. She is on the mend, a very strong lady of which we can all take strength. Julian lives within her, this I am sure. Obviously they are struggling to understand how this has happened to their precious little boy Julian.

They are very aware of the community’s support and ongoing concern. They are so thankful for all that we have done. I know you all agree this is thanks we don’t deserve or want.

I spoke to Jom and Andrew about my desire to host a day at school that would celebrate the life of Julian. As you all know Julian was a happy fun filled boy who like all seven year olds enjoyed life. He loved superheroes, his favourite character being Iron man. I want to capture this and so have begun to plan a day of fun for our students.

The day is called, Superheroes for Julian. It will be held on Thursday the 21st September, the second last day of school. I ask that ALL students dress up as SUPERHEROES as a sign of unity and a way of celebrating what Julian loved most.  Students will be asked to make a donation on the day all of which will be donated to the Cadman family.

I’m hoping the day will be big. Many of the staff are working hard in the back ground to secure activities for the day. So far we have a jumping castle and face painter with more in the works. We are also gathering items for an auction to raise funds for the family. I especially appreciate the work of Mrs Costaganna and Ms Janssen both on maternity leave for their work in contacting organisations and gathering support.

We are building this day and would appreciate any contributions and most importantly your understanding as it evolves. Julian’s mum was so excited to hear about this day. She expressed how much her and Julian would have loved it.

I implore you all to work with us to make this a success. Run any ideas via the school first. This is our opportunity to show our support to the family!


God Bless at the end of a very long week.