Term 3 Week 9

SuperHeroes for Julian

I’m sure you are all going to be spending the weekend preparing costumes for this significant community event. Thank you for all your support and assistance. I know that the Cadman family are touched by the community’s response to this tragic event. Next Thursday is a an opportunity to celebrate life just like Julian would have, full of fun!

We hope to see as many of our parents as possible join us for lunch and the raffle fundraiser. I’m personally overwhelmed by the willingness of the community and various organisations help and offerings to enable this event and our future auction.

Thanks to all!

End of Term

As Term 3 quickly draws to a close our teachers are working at finalising assessments that will inform our Term 4 teaching. We are discussing individual student progress in Term3 and ensuring we have a plan to ensure our most vulnerable students achieve required benchmarks in literacy and numeracy.

Term 4 is in important term. For some students all the years past teaching suddenly comes together and rapid progress in learning is demonstrated. For others this is an important time to ensure learning and skills are understood and can be applied into the future.

An vital element of ensuring continued growth in learning is the need for students to do some simple things during the holiday break. The holiday break can lead to a learning dip where students who do not practice skills and keep the learning aspects of their brain active actually go backwards.

What does this mean? Well the first two to three weeks of Term 4 will be spent bringing students back to the skills level where they left in Term 3. This is a loss of learning time which can significantly impact where students finish at the end of the year and start in 2018.

The simple act of reading will greatly reduce the risk of going backwards. So find some books, visit the library and READ ALL HOLIDAYS!

Professional Learning

Case Management is a key diocesan strategy that is used to bring a team of teachers together with the aim of providing a peer teacher with strategies to improve learning for a targeted student. Case Management has a well defined process that is proven to improve learning. At St Bernadette’s we implemented this strategy in 2013 . Last Monday Mr Stennett and Mr Kapitanow attended training to refine our Case Management processes.

Stage 3 Reconnector - Last Wednesday and Thursday the Stage 3 teaching team along with Mr Stennett and Mr Kapitanow attended professional development run by Dr Lynn Sharratt an eminent Canadian educator who has been working with the diocese for the last five years. Our focus is to continually improve Stage 3 teaching and learning in literacy.

The Stage 1 teaching team were provided a planning day today to work on their approach to teaching and learning in Term 4. Term 4 is vitally important to ensure our most vulnerable students are targeted and all other students to continue to grow and develop.