Term 4 Week 1

Principal’s Message

Welcome Back

I would like to welcome everyone back to the final term of 2017. For some families this is the last term of their child’s first year at school and for others their final term at St Bernadette’s as they prepare for the high school transition.

Term 4 is always a busy term. As Christmas fast approaches we all get busier and time quickly passes by. In the ensuing kaos try to find the time to reflect on the year that has been and enjoy the final ten weeks of the 2017 school year.

For the staff, Term 4 is a final opportunity to ensure everything has been done to ensure students are set up for success and ready for the 2018 transition to new classes and increased expectations. This means individual student progress in regards to benchmarks in literacy and numeracy are assessed and strategies are devised to assist students to accelerate their learning before Term 4 concludes.

The Fete is held on the 21st of October, just two weeks away. This is a significant community event. I want to thank the school community for their generous support of the fete and encourage all families to find some time to help out on the day. The fete is the school’s biggest fundraiser and social event. It will be a fun day so get involved and make your community great!

School Uniform

Last term we begun a process of enforcing the expectation that all students wear full school uniform all the time. Notes and phone calls were made requesting issues be fixed immediately.

Parents have expressed their disappointment and frustration with the continual push by some students and families to challenge the school uniform expectations. Wearing full school uniform is a direct parent responsibility.

A number of recurring issues have been identified and need to be addressed.

  • Students are not permitted to wear non school hats for any reason. Any student wearing the wrong hat will be instructed to put the hat away and sit in the designated shaded areas.

  • Girls must use hair accessories that are only blue and yellow in colour. These need to be limited. Nail polish and hair dye are not acceptable and contrary to school expectations.

  • Non school jumpers are not to be worn. This includes jumpers and jackets that are navy in colour. Such jackets and jumpers are not school uniform.

  • Sports shoes need to be predominately white in colour. Coloured sport shoes are not acceptable. All students must comply with this expectation by Term 1 of 2018. If purchasing new sports shoes consider this expectation.

  • Black school shoes need to be leather dress shoes. Black sport shoes are not acceptable.

This term we will begin to officially record and monitor uniform issues with the intent to make more formal requests that parents fix issues. We request that all families support our efforts to rectify these issues. If you require support please contact the school to discuss issues and concerns.