Term 4 Week 2


The Fete is tomorrow!

The fete is a significant community event. We look forward to seeing you all there. A final reminder that it takes many hands to make a successful fete. I hope to see many families contributing on the day and thank you for your support. If you haven’t indicated that you will help it’s never too late. Make yourself known on the day, all help will be appreciated.

All funds raised at the fete go directly to the school to purchase much needed resources. In previous years the fete has provided much of the technology that is available to students. So get involved, be present and lend a hand!


Assistant Principal

The permanent Assistant Principal’s position was advertised and interviews were conducted last week. There were many high quality applicants for the position. Simon Crothers, a Leader of Learning at Chisholm Bligh Park was the successful applicant.

Simon is an experienced teacher with many years of leadership experience. Simon currently leads numeracy development and has been an Acting Principal. Simon will begin to work with the school to plan for 2018.

We all welcome Simon to St bernadette’s and look forward to his leadership and guidance in 2018.