Term 4 Week 3

Principal’s Message

The community took bated breaths as the weather cleared and the fete went off with a BANG!

What an amazing fete! The fete serves two very distinct purposes,

  1. To raise money for the school. This is the single biggest fundraising event held and the funds benefit all children and families.

  2. To build community

I gauge the success of the fete not only by the funds raised, but by how the community comes together on that day to work together for a common cause. The money is fantastic and all those in the know realise how much we appreciate all raised funds. But coming together trumps money. We are a faith filled community and this is one way we show unity and fellowship.

It was heartening to see that despite all the concerns the fete went ahead and volunteers were found. The fete can't go a head without the generous outpour of volunteers. I saw current parents, past parents, parishioners, teachers and staff and past students manning the stores. Your efforts are truly appreciated and on behalf of all of the students I say, “THANK YOU!”

To the organiser Mrs Yaacoub, a stellar effort that must be acknowledged by all. To all her support staff, both present and past parents in various roles from manning stores, counting money, emptying bins, cooking, organising prizes and entertainment the list goes on, THANK YOU!

Lastly thank you all parents for all of your support. Preparation for the fete is considerable and you asked to contribute in many ways. Know that all children benefit from the funds raised and your hard work. Sometimes it can appear that you are constantly asked to contribute, but these funds have provided so many resources over the years enjoyed by all students. The Parent Group have paid for the shade clothes in the playground, technology, furniture and teaching resources that are used extensively. Your efforts go back directly to positively influence the education that each and every child receives at St Bernadette’s.

Uniform Reminder

Thank you to all parents who have attended to my request to ensure students are in full school uniform at all times. I want to assure all parents that we are continuing to work with students who are not in full school uniform.

A reminder that from 2018 all students will be expected to wear sports shoes that are predominately white. Please consider this as you buy new shoes and plan for 2018.

Long Service Leave

I will be taking long Service Leave from Week 6 until the end of Week 9 this term. I will return in Week 10 to finish the year. I will be taking my family on a much awaited holiday before my eldest child begins school next year.

In my absence Frances Garzaniti, Assistant Principal & Leader of Learning at St Luke’s Catholic College, Marsden Park will be appointed as Acting Principal. Francis is the newly appointed Principal for Holy Spirit, St Clair in 2018.

Professional Learning

Principals Masterclass

Last week i attended the Principals Masterclass. This is an opportunity for all CEDP Principals and Leaders to come together to learn and share experiences.

Writing 3-6

This week Ms Barrack, Mrs Goodchild and Me Stennett continued their learning in intentional writing instruction for students from Year 3 to 6. They will be meeting and implementing their learning into their teaching.

Teacher Educator

This Term we have been provided an additional Learning recourse from CEDP for teacher learning. Liz Nicholls will be at St Bernadette’s every Wednesday to work with teachers in the infants grades to build their teaching knowledge around literacy. The teachers will be involved in a planned professional experience conducted at school that will see them teach and watch others teach in order to improve their own teaching practice and improve student learning.