Term 4 Week 4

Principal Message

This week our Kindergarten class of 2018 participated in the final day of our Kindy Transition Program. This year our new kindergarten students and their parents spent two days being inducted into the St Bernadette’s community.

The students were engaged in a range of specific activities designed to assess their readiness for school. They demonstrated a genuine interest and curiosity in all tasks and eagerness to be at ‘big school’. Parents were assembled in the hall and took part in a program that aimed to ensure they are prepared for the leap into, ‘big school’. Over the two days the parents heard many specialist including a speech therapist, behavioural optometrist, school counselor and literacy and numeracy experts.

A crucial element of transition is building positive relationships between school and home. Positive relationships help to reduce parental and student anxiety making the transition to school just that little bit easier. We look forward to officially welcoming our new families in 2018.

The school will feature in this Saturday’s Daily Telegraph with a special education article focusing on transition.

Uniform Shop

This week the school uniform shop was closed for a stocktake. Staff from our new supplier, School Locker along with school office staff conducted the stocktake. This is a major step as we move forward to a supplier run uniform shop.

The uniform shop is now closed until School Locker officially take over the operations. All going to plan this should occur next week. School Locker will continue to operate the uniform shop at St Bernadette’s with Mrs Gallagher being employed to operate the store each Wednesday morning.

This has been a long and at times confusing transition. I apologise for this but hope you all understand that there has been multiple staff involved beyond the school and we need to ensure that this transition is done correctly.

School Uniforms

Thank you to all parents that continue to work with the school to improve student adherence to uniform expectations. A reminder that we will be transitioning to majority white shoes for sport with this expectation enforced from the beginning of 2018.

I have been asked for clarification about black shoes. Black shoes must be leather school shoes. No runners or joggers will be accepted.

I also want to thank parents, probably mothers for ensuring that girls wear hair attire that is blue or yellow in colour. Again this is a school expectation.

International Teacher Day

We celebrated International teachers Day on Thursday. This was a day to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication that teachers apply to their jobs each and every day.

Teaching is a challenging occupation. Many would be surprised to know how much work staff do beyond the apparent 9-3 hours that so many believe we work. At night, whilst working it is normal for me to receive some form of correspondence from staff at very late hours, after 11pm. The act of teaching never stops, the brain never rests always thinking of how to best cater for students needs.

On behalf of the staff, thank you to our Parent Group for acknowledging this hard work. The lunch you provided for staff was much appreciated!