REC Term 4 Week 2

Dear Parents, guardians and friends,

Last Friday Mr Kapitanow and myself had the privilage to take our Justice and Faith
Leaders to participate in Liturgy by celebrating the vast work of missionaries in our
community and the wider world. The students were able to converse with other school
leaders how they have implemented mission work intheir schools.
Below are Kayla Marafiofi and Emily Mordini’s Recounts of their spiritual experience of
the day.

By: Kayla Marafiofi

Emily and I were invited to go to a Diocesan mass and exposition in Parramatta. During
the mass, we were told how important missionaries are and how every cent counts
when donating. A woman who works for Catholic Mission, Rosa Vukovich, said that her
definition of mission was “filling in the gap with love”. By this she meant that the world
has many gaps that need to be filled with love by the parish. After the mass, we looked
at expositions (based on mission) created by over 20 high schools and primary schools.
A school in particular, did a social awareness week, where they turned off all technology
and got only one cup of rice to eat. They said that this helped them feel the same way

that most families would feel.

Altogether, this was a fantastic day that really opened up my heart and eyes to see how
much good we can do in our everyday lives! I hope that all the boys and girls felt the

same way!

By: Emily Mordini

Kayla and I were taken to the Diocesan

mass and exposition in Parramatta. During the ceremony we had a worker from catholic
mission called Rosa Vukovich who gave a detailed talk about the meaning of mission in
our lives and how we can be missionaries in our own communities. After the mass had
ended, we went around looking at all the ways the other schools in our diocese
displayed mission. They were made up of primary and high schools and they all set up
their own tables to give an example of what they had done, as well as a table for
Catholic Mission and Caritas. While we were there, we learnt a lot about what other

schools do to help the people around them, and they gave us ideas about what we can

do for fundraising and charity events.

All in all, it was a great opportunity to learn about mission and how we can be

Missionaries in our everyday lives.

Our challenge in todays contemporary world is to discover ways we can fill the gap with
love – whether it is within our families, friendships or wider community , we all have the
capacity to lead God’s work through Mission.

Have a blessed week everyone.
Mrs Mabellynn Buenavetura
(Religious Edcation Coordinator).