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St Bernadette’s values diversity and welcomes all learners in an accepting and supportive environment.


We acknowledge differences in learning styles, rates of learning, strengths, and needs.

The Learning Team at our school is committed to providing support, resources and programs, to encourage each student to reach their potential in a nurturing environment. We are proud of our story and the ongoing development in our environment to meet learning needs.

We aim to:

  • provide learning support to students with additional learning needs, using best instructional practice to access the core curriculum
  • enhance basic literacy and numeracy skills, as they are the foundation of all learning
  • use ongoing assessment to monitor the progress and changing needs of the student
  • support classroom teachers in planning, instructional and behavioural strategies, to promote positive and enrichment learning experiences
  • support and involve parents in the education of their child
  • liaise with other professionals involved in the care of the student. 

Learning Enhancement

St Bernadette’s Primary believes in forming a collaborative community where the diversity and individuality of each person is respected and celebrated.

We provide a rich array of engaging learning experiences that help our students to become independent and successful learners. We identify the needs of each student and recognise that each individual has a unique learning path. We offer a focused literacy program through Focus160 best practice protocols, English as a Second Language (ESL), and a literacy intervention program through Reading Recovery. We also provide Extended Mathematical Understanding (EMU) intervention for small groups of children, as part of our numeracy program. Each student is challenged and supported to improve their learning and achieve the next stage of growth.

Our learning support team provides support to classroom teachers and their students in a variety of ways: working with teachers to develop appropriate learning tasks for students, working individually with students, assisting parents to access support from outside agencies, and arranging assessments through the Parramatta Catholic Education Office and other agencies.

Nurturing Development

We offer a range of additional activities and programmes to further nurture our students and develop their skills and abilities. These include:

  • a Kindergarten Buddies program, where older students care for students who are new to the school
  • transition programs, including the Kindergarten Starting School program, which is held in Term 4 of the year before school commences, and the Year 6 high school transition preparation
  • the Friendly Schools Plus program - our extensive social skills and resilience program 
  • life education, which promotes healthy living
  • the Thursday morning (before school) story time
  • technology workshops for students and parents
  • the Student Leaders Program, which gives our Stage 3 students leadership opportunities and a voice for decision-making in the school. The student leadership roles include School Captains and Sports Captains, Learning Leaders, Faith and Justice Leaders, Technology Leaders, Environment Leaders, and Library Leaders
  • the Principal’s Morning Tea 
  • individual awards which recognise positive behaviour, values, academic achievements, and model citizenship.

Extending our Talents

St Bernadette’s Primary believes that students should be encouraged to express themselves outside the classroom, through the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including:

  • creative and performing arts opportunities in choir, music and drama, school choir, band, and school performances and presentations
  • excursions and incursions that support the educational program
  • the Language Other than English (LOTE) program, led by a specialised teacher that teaches Indonesian and Asian cultural immersions to students in Stages 1 to 3 
  • Book Week activities, that include a Book Fair and Character Parade, that enhance our reading program 
  • the Blacktown Mayoral Creative Writing Competition
  • programs which encourage enjoyment for all, including our dance, gymnastics and swimming programs
  • representing the school by competing at diocesan, inter-diocesan, zone, and state level in various arenas, such as netball, touch football, soccer, athletics, swimming and cross-country
  • gardening groups
  • chess club (school-based)
  • parish youth group
  • community activities during Catholic Schools’ Week and on St Bernadette Feast Day.

Celebrating our Faith

Each St Bernadette’s student is nurtured through the integration of faith, life and culture. Gospel values underpin our school program and form the basis for warm relationships and personal growth. Our ethos and commitment to the values of the Gospel drive us to keep the students as our focus, and all learning builds on the rich foundation of Catholic traditions and values. We encourage our students to recognise God in their daily experiences, and foster and develop their relationship with God, through daily prayer. The celebration of the Eucharist and Sacraments are integral components of school life, deepen personal faith and help us to celebrate our faith as a community.

Through our positive environment, students grow in their own self-belief and gain confidence to face challenges they might encounter. We instil in our students a sense of social justice, allowing them to reach out to others. Some of our in-school fundraising support, led by our Social Justice Committee, has benefited Caritas Australia's Project Compassion and our local St Vincent De Paul Society.

The Parramatta diocese Religious Education program, Sharing Our Story, enables our students to come to know Jesus and the Catholic tradition. We are blessed to be onsite with our parish, which enables us to participate regularly in Mass, prayer and a number of liturgical celebrations throughout the year. Programs for the preparation of students for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation for the first time, are conducted in our parish.

Pastoral Care

At St Bernadette’s, pastoral care is Christ-centred and focused on the development of well-integrated students. Respect and responsibility are the underlying principles of our Pastoral Care and Behaviour Management Policies.

It is our ministry as teachers in a Catholic school, to provide pastoral care and behaviour management processes which enable students to develop spiritually, cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally.

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