Kindergarten Excursion to Golden Ridge Farm

On Friday 12 August, Kindergarten went to Golden Ridge Farm at Dural. All the students had lots of fun with Farmer Cameron, where they were able to pat and feed goats, lamas, alpacas and sheep. They also walked around the farm and saw cows, pigs, sheep and donkeys.

Students enjoyed patting the animals
Students enjoyed patting the animals

Kindergarten watched the farmer milk a cow and learnt about the different foods that came from milk such as yoghurt, cream and ice cream. The teachers also had a turn at milking Daisy the cow.

After a fun time looking at geese and ducks, Kindergarten sat in small circles and held baby chicks, ducks, rabbits and dogs. They were so cute! All the animals had to be held very carefully so they didn’t get hurt.

To finish the day, Kindergarten had turns at feeding baby sheep out of a bottle using the milk from Daisy. The baby sheep were very strong.

It was a big day at the farm and everyone had a fantastic time. A huge thank you to Mr Miggins & Mrs Buhagiar for their help on the day.