St Bernadette’s students cook with Jamie Oliver

Students getting ready to cook after an inspiring Skype with Jamie Oliver
Students getting ready to cook after an inspiring Skype with Jamie Oliver
Jamie spoke to students via Skype
Jamie spoke to students via Skype
Students enjoyed cooking together
Students enjoyed cooking together

Students in Year 3 and 4 from St Bernadette's Primary, Lalor Park were lucky enough to participate in a cooking lesson with Jamie Oliver via video link as part of the celebrity chef’s Food Revolution Day.

Students are currently learning about healthy eating habits and the lesson was a fantastic opportunity for students to participate in an event to raise awareness of how simple it is to eat well. 

Students begun the day with an interactive iPad lesson relating to the vegetables that they were going to cook with throughout the day. 

Jamie gave step-by-step instructions via Skype about the recipe and the cooking method for some healthy ‘rainbow’ wraps. Following the lesson, students enjoyed their creations for lunch.

Teacher Miss Rosanne Agostino said she enjoyed seeing the students enthusiastically getting involved in the session. 

‘It was wonderful to see the students having a go and trying something new,’ she said. ‘The knowledge and skills that they took away from the experience was phenomenal and they are all asking when they will get the opportunity to learn how to cook something else,’ said Rosanne.

Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the chance to see Jamie Oliver.

‘It was fun making the Jamie Oliver rainbow wrap because we were spending quality time with our friends and teachers,’ said Year 4 student Nicola Ciocca.

‘It was really fun how each person got a turn at grating the different veggies,’ said Year 4 student Isabella Hucman. ‘Jamie Oliver helped us learn different techniques that we can use in the kitchen at home. We also learnt how to mix lots of different veggies and how to make a really good dressing,’ said Isabella

Year 4 student Elizabeth Justin said it was fun because it wasn’t a test. 

‘We didn’t need help because it was easy and we could make it all by ourselves,’ said Elizabeth. ‘It helped us learn about what we can do in the kitchen at home. I think I have found a new hobby. I really like cooking!’

Year 3 student Daniel Raad said it was really fun to learn about Jamie Oliver’s recipe and how he wanted to get lots of kids making healthy food on Food Revolution Day. 

‘It was really fun working as a team to make our own wraps,’ said Daniel.