Our Dedicated Staff

Whether teaching or in the office St Bernadette's Primary Lalor Park staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

Leadership Team

Principal Mr Phill Kapitanow
Assistant Principal - Numeracy Mrs Mabellynn Buenaventura
RE Coordinator Mrs Meg Stone
Leader of Learning - Literacy and Diversity Mrs Lorraine Maher
Leader of Learning - Special Projects Ms Suzie Stapley



Early Stage 1 Blue Ms Suzie Stapley
Stage 1 Blue Miss Claudeen Saguid
Stage 1 Gold Mrs Meg Stone
Stage 1 White Mrs Andrea Santos / Mrs Rebecca Mogan
Stage 2 Blue Mrs Dana Brothers
Stage 2 Gold Miss Tamara Atachparian
Stage 2 White Mrs Tanya Corrigan / Mrs Brooke Costaganna
Stage 3 Blue Mrs Larny Maloney
Stage 3 Gold Miss Janelle Barrak
Stage 3 White Miss Toni Matthews


Learning Support

Diversity Teacher Mrs Lorraine Maher
Diversity Teacher Ms Simone Ninness
Library Team  
RFF / LOTE / Teacher Librarian Mrs Monique O'Brien
RFF / LOTE / Seasons for Growth Mrs Mariquita Park 
RFF / LOTE Mrs Ashlee Fell


School Support

Principal's Office Assistant Mrs Robyn Carruthers
Financial Secretary Mrs Rita Mizzi
School Secretary Mrs Tracey Procter
Enrolments / WHS Mrs Robyn Carruthers

Teacher Assistants

Mrs Jo Topalovic

Mrs Melita Fairhurst
Mrs Julie Pollard
Mrs Josie Sammut
Mrs Hozan Sorani
Miss Reilly Fearon
  Miss Lauren Szytko
Maintenance Mr Doug Fuller