Our Dedicated Staff

Whether teaching or in the office St Bernadette's Primary Lalor Park staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

Leadership Team

Principal Mr Phill Kapitanow
Assistant Principal - Numeracy Mrs Mabellynn Buenaventura
RE Coordinator Mrs Meg Stone
Leader of Learning - Literacy and Diversity Mrs Lorraine Maher
Leader of Learning - Special Projects Ms Suzie Stapley



Early Stage 1 Blue Ms Suzie Stapley
Stage 1 Blue Miss Claudeen Saguid
Stage 1 Gold Mrs Meg Stone
Stage 1 White Mrs Andrea Santos / Mrs Rebecca Crinion
Stage 2 Blue Mrs Dana Brothers
Stage 2 Gold Mrs Alyce Ellard
Stage 2 White Mrs Tanya Corrigan / Mrs Brooke Costaganna
Stage 3 Blue Mrs Larny Maloney
Stage 3 Gold Miss Janelle Barrak
Stage 3 White Miss Toni Matthews


Learning Support

Diversity Teacher Mrs Lorraine Maher
Diversity Teacher Ms Simone Ninness
Library Team  
RFF / LOTE / Teacher Librarian Mrs Monique O'Brien
RFF / LOTE / Seasons for Growth Mrs Kerrie-Ann Galea
RFF / LOTE Mrs Ashlee Fell


School Support

Principal's Office Assistant Mrs Robyn Carruthers
Financial Secretary Mrs Rita Mizzi
School Secretary Mrs Tracey Procter
Enrolments / WHS Mrs Robyn Carruthers

Teacher Assistants

Mrs Jo Topalovic

Mrs Melita Fairhurst
Mrs Julie Pollard
Miss Gemma Antonelli
Mrs Josie Sammut
  Miss Lauren Szytko
Maintenance Mr Doug Fuller