Our school handbook covers all the information, procedures and policies you and your child will need.

You can print a full version to read at your convenience by pressing the ‘PDF’ button at the top of the page.

If you have any further questions in relation to school times, dates, policies or other general enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

General Information

After school care is provided by Camp Australia on site at St Bernadette’s.   Camp Australia’s operating hours are 6.30am to 8.30am and 3.15.pm to 6.30pm. Parents are encouraged to utilise this service to ensure their children are not at school before or after supervision times. Camp Australia is a private provider that is not regulated by the school.

In the event of a serious accident at the school, the following procedure will be followed:

  • the school will ring for an ambulance

  • the parent/guardian will be contacted and informed as to the nature of the accident and injury, as soon as possible

  • the school will, in all cases, take the necessary steps to ensure the well being of the child.   

 There is no cost to parents or school if an ambulance is required.


It is our intention to endeavor to make our school environment as safe as possible for all. Our most urgent concerns have been for a small group of children who have severe allergy to nuts. Exposure to nut products for these children will trigger a serious reaction. Such a reaction could be fatal if not treated quickly and appropriately.

For this reason we are asking for your co-operation to help reduce the risk for these children. Ideally, this means that we strongly recommend that parents pack lunches that are free from nuts or nut products and discouraging children from sharing food at all times. We sincerely thank each and every parent for taking time to read and consider this request. We understand that these measures will require extra thought when packing your child’s lunch. Your co-operation, however, will enable these children and their families to feel supported and safe in the school environment.


Parents of a student who has a doctor’s diagnosis for anaphylaxis are required to provide the school with a Medical Action Plan for their child annually.

School staff have undergone training in how to assist a student who is having an anaphylactic reaction (severe allergic reaction).

Students who have an anaphylaxis action plan must keep their own Epi-pen on them at all times.   Spare Epi-pens and medications are stored in the Sick Bay (School Office) so that easy access is assured if this medication is ever required.

Morning assemblies occur twice a week on Monday and Friday prior to students entering learning spaces. At assemblies students;


  • Say the school prayer

  • Sing the National Anthem

  • Recite the Acknowledgement of Country

  • Acknowledge student birthdays

  • Receive awards 

  • Listen to other messages

Our school goal is to achieve 90+% student attendance.  All children are expected to attend school from 8:55 am to 3:15 pm. Any child arriving late for school should go to the office with their parent, and the student will be signed in. The parent will then accompany their child/ children to class. If it is necessary for any child to leave school early, the parent must come to the office to have the student signed out.  These absences will be classed as a partial absence.

Every day a child is marked absent a text message will be sent to the nominated parent with a link to the Compass Parent Portal. Parents are asked to click on the link and nominate a reason for the absence.  If the absence is likely to be two days or more, parents are also encouraged to notify the school office by telephone. 

If no explanation is recorded for the students absence a letter will be sent home to the parent / carer to explain the absence.

Any leave of 5 days or more from school must be applied for to the School Principal. Please see the office for an application form or download one from our school website.

A certificate of leave may be given if the application is approved by the School Principal.

All students in Years 4 and 5 participate in the school band program. The program is provided during school hours and is coordinated with the assistance of Captivate, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta’s Creative Arts support department.

Small group lessons are also available to students in Year 6. These lessons are conducted in school hours by qualified music tutors.

The Commonwealth Bank provides School Student Banking. Your child must have a valid Commonwealth Bank Dollarmites Account in their own name.  They will receive a bank deposit book which can then be sent in each Thursday for their money to be deposited into their account. When a student makes a weekly deposit they will receive a silver token. Once they have received 10 tokens they are eligible to receive a reward prize from the Commonwealth Bank which is ordered through the School Banking Co-ordinator. Students place their bank book into the banking bag and it will be returned to them at the end of the day.  Please contact the school secretary for any further information.


Birthdays are special. Please consider your class teacher when sending cakes. Due to safety concerns teachers are unable to use knives to cut cakes. Candles are also not to be sent in to school due to work, health and safety concerns.

Each child's birthday will be acknowledged during a weekly morning assembly.


Students can purchase books for reading at home through the Scholastic Book Club program. Orders (usually twice per term) are coordinated by the school Librarian. Students will receive brochures to assist ordering.    All orders are completed online.   No cash is accepted.

At St Bernadette's, students are given the opportunity to participate in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Having a personal device for use at school allows students to collaborate, extend and explore their school-based learning in ways not otherwise possible because they can personalise their device use. 

If participating in BYOD, your child will bring their device to school each day fully charged. Throughout the day, devices will be stored inside the classroom. There are iPad and Chromebook options available for BYOD at St Bernadette's. 

Applying for School Bus Travel

Applications for school travel are available via www.transportnsw.info/school-students

A new application is required when:

  • applying for a School Opal Card for the first time
  • enrolling in Kindergarten, or
  • requesting an additional entitlement as a result of a shared parental responsibility situation

You will need to do an update application if the student has a current school travel pass and:

  • is progressing from Year 2 to Year 3
  • is progressing from Year 6 to Year 7, or
  • changes address, or
  • changes school or campus

Already have a School Opal card?

  • When you've updated, and you are eligible for free school travel next year, Transport for NSW will send you an email confirmation once your application has been processed.
  • If an opal card is lost or destroyed, parents are to contact Transport  NSW directly to arrange for the reissue of the pass.  

The school canteen is run by the School Parent Group. The canteen is staffed by parent volunteers. It opens Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Counter sales are available as well as lunch orders. The menu is available on the school website.

Lunch Orders

Children are given the opportunity to order lunches from the school canteen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, each week. Any child wishing to order lunch must put their name and class on a paper bag along with their order. The money to cover the cost of this is placed inside the bag and the bag put into the lunch basket in the classroom. Lunches are then returned to the classroom just prior to the lunch bell.

A price list of items available is sent out at the beginning of each year. You can view a copy in the school notes section of the school website.

For the safety of students the car park is for staff and delivery vehicles only. Parents MUST NOT use the car park to collect or drop off students at any time.

Welcome BBQ's

At the beginning of the year we have a Welcome BBQ for all students and their families. Our whole school community is invited to attend.  This allows parents to meet their child’s friends and their parents at the beginning of each school year. St Bernadette's staff will also be in attendance.

Mother's Day, Father's Day and Grandparent's Day

Each of these significant family events are celebrated at St Bernadette's. We honour our students parents and grandparents as their first and foremost educators.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day celebrating Australia's cultural diversity. As a multicultural school we celebrate inclusiveness, respect and sense of belonging for all.

In accordance with the Child Protection Legislation Act 1998, it is essential all parent/grandparent, guardians, volunteers, e.g. canteen, classroom reading/activities, excursions, etc. complete an online Building Child Safe Communities - Volunteer Training Module  

Students are supplied with all exercise books and various other resources throughout the year. Parents are sent a resource list for supply at the start of the school year and may be asked to replenish items as required.

Complaints or grievances pertaining to classroom issues, or that relate to other children, are to be dealt with by school personnel.

It is not appropriate for parents to approach other parents or their children with the intention of resolving the issues.

The recommended procedures for parents are:

  1. The first point of contact is the child’s class teacher. Contact the school office to make an appointment with the teacher concerned.

  2. If parents are not satisfied with the solutions offered or believe that they have not been given a fair hearing, they are encouraged to make an appointment with the Infants or Primary Module Leader to discuss the issue further.

  3. Where the need arises and steps 1 and 2 have been followed parents may request to discuss further with a member of the School Leadership Team. Issues will be managed by a team member in the following order Co-ordinators, REC, Assistant Principal and Principal.


Parents are reminded that there are two sides to every story and whilst it is important to listen to their children, it is also important not to draw conclusions or make accusations until all the facts are known.

If parents are not satisfied with the response from the school or they have other legitimate reasons, they can contact Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) directly.

The Diversity Team is responsible for coordinating services to identified students. Class teachers and parents may refer students to the Diversity Team.

The School Counsellor is a pivotal member of the Diversity Team.

Programs to support individual students include Reading Recovery, EMU Numeracy intervention, targeted interventions and counselling services.

A variety of strategies including independent instruction, withdrawal groups, team teaching, in-class support, School Learning Support Officers (Teacher’s Aide), Itinerant Teachers and services and professionals from outside the school are utilised.

Personalised Plans are an important element of the Diversity team’s work. Personalised Plans assist the team to work with class teachers to focus their work on the needs of individual students.

All excursions and in-school performances are carefully selected and relate to classroom learning. It is expected that all students will attend. It is our intention to gain all permissions for excursions and in-school performances at the beginning of the year.  An information note will be sent home with regards to all excursion / in-school performances prior to each event. Where possible payments have been included in school fees. Permission must be obtained by the due dates or students will not be able to participate.

Our school gates remain closed until 8:30am.  The school day commences when the first bell rings at 8:55am. It is expected that students are present by this time. The school gates are locked at 9:00am. Students who arrive after this time are regarded as late and must go through the office with a parent to be signed in to the school. We realise that at times it can be a challenge to be on time everyday, however the same expectations must apply to all families. The gates open at approximately 3:05pm to allow parents to enter the top playground in preparation for afternoon dismissal.

Head lice must be treated using appropriate methods. Your child’s class will be notified if the need arises. Students with head lice will be required to go home for treatment to prevent further incidents.

Please don't send sick children to school - they only spread their illness and risk their own recovery.

Please let us know if your child suffers from a serious illness or disability. This is especially important in the case of asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, allergies, brain / skull injuries etc.   Let your child's teacher know about any diagnosed problems as they arise.

Illness or Injury

If your child is sick, your child needs YOU. It is essential that you keep the school up-dated regarding the contact details for you and your emergency contact person. In the event of accident or illness, one of the following will apply:

  • Minor first aid will be administered at the Sick Bay
  • If an illness or injury is more serious or needing medical attention the parent or carer will be telephoned immediately
  • In the event of serious accident, injury or illness an ambulance will be called and parents or carers notified immediately.

Please ensure your contact details with the school are up to date.

Administration of Prescribed Medicines at School

Parents or carers of students requiring the administration of prescribed medicines at school must first provide written documentation from their doctor. The medication should be supplied in person by the parent or carer and given to the School Office. A daily dispenser may also be needed. All medication must be stored at the Office. Students are not permitted to carry medication at school, with the exception of asthma puffers. The safest and most preferred option is for medications to be administered at home.


It is our intention to endeavor to make our school environment as safe as possible for all. Our most urgent concerns have been for a small group of children who have severe allergy to nuts. Exposure to nut products for these children will trigger a serious reaction. Such a reaction could be fatal if not treated quickly and appropriately.

For this reason we are asking for your co-operation to help reduce the risk for these children. Ideally, this means that we strongly recommend that parents pack lunches that are free from nuts or nut products and discourage children from sharing food at all times. We understand that these measures will require extra thought when packing your child’s lunch. Your co-operation, however, will enable these children and their families to feel supported and safe in the school environment.


Students are allowed to keep their own asthma medication with them at school.


Parents of a student who has a doctor’s diagnosis for anaphylaxis are required to provide the school with a Medical Action Plan for their child annually.

School staff have undergone training in how to assist a student who is having an anaphylactic reaction (severe allergic reaction).

Epi-pens and medications are stored in the Sick Bay (School Office) so that easy access is assured if this medication is ever required. Students are also required to carry their own Epi-pen on themselves at all times in their bum bag.

Individual health plans are developed for students as appropriate, in consultation with parents and carers.

The school should be advised in writing of known allergies or conditions such as asthma. Where appropriate the school will seek permission to contact the family doctor.

Students K-2 have a Home Reader. This book will be at the instructional reading level of students. Students from years 3-6 will bring home various chapter books targeted at their reading ability. As students become independent readers this may be a library book. All parents and carers are encouraged to be enthusiastic reading and writing models for their child. Parents are asked to listen to their child read aloud on a regular basis.

The purpose of homework is to provide the students with revision of classwork and to build on the skills that are being taught in the classroom. All work sent home is a revision of what is being taught in the classroom and should not be new to the students.

Weekly Spelling Activity

The school uses the Sound Waves Spelling program to ensure consistent teaching of spelling skills.  Homework activities are based on what spelling strategies are being taught in class. 

Homework is given out on a weekly basis and consists of some/all of the following:

Reading, Spelling, Writing, Mathematics and self-directed Learning Assignments based on Science and Technology or HSIE units.

All homework will be collected, signed and dated by the class teacher and returned to the students for the following week.

Each class will have two homework books to allow teachers time to mark.

Guidelines for homework

Listed below are guidelines that the teachers at St Bernadette’s believe are appropriate for each Stage per night.

Early Stage 1

No more than
15 minutes each night

Included in this could be:

  • Reading
  • Letters and sounds
  • Sight words

Stage 1

No more than
20 minutes each night

Included in this could be:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics revision
  • Spelling words, e.g. writing sentences/
  • alphabetical order

Stage 2

No more than
30 minutes each night

Included in this could be:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics revision
  • Spelling, e.g. word lists and spelling rules/
  • Dictionary meanings
  • Grammar – revision work

Stage 3

No more than
40 minutes each night

Included in this could be:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics revision
  • Spelling, e.g. word lists and spelling rules
  • Self-directed Learning Assignment based on a multiple intelligence task.

If a child spends the correct amount of time on their homework each night and fails to complete the work, a note from the child’s parents stating the above, will be accepted by the class teacher.

The Public Health (Amendment) Act 1992 requires parents to provide documented evidence of the immunisation status of each child, on enrolment at school. When enrolling for Kindergarten, an Immunisation Certificate provided by the Australian Government Health Insurance Commission must be produced.

If you would like an interview with your child's teacher, please contact the school office requesting an appointment.   Teachers have the responsibility of teaching a class of students as well as ensuring the supervision of students during break times. Teachers will endeavour to contact promptly but your understanding about the complexities of school life is appreciated.

Kiss and Drop is a service provided to the parents of St Bernadette’s and is run by the Parent Community Group. Kiss and Drop is available mornings 8:30am - 9:00am and afternoons from 3:15pm - 3:30pm. You can find a copy of our Kiss and Drop guidelines on our website. If you need a sign for your dashboard please contact the school office (phone us, call in or email us). Kiss and Drop is in need of parent volunteers to help out. Please contact the school office if you can help any day.

The Learning Centre has a wide range of books covering topics on the school's educational program as well as catering for students' own interests and hobbies.

Each class group has weekly lessons and children are encouraged to borrow from the library during these lessons. Kindergarten students may borrow two books at a time, and students from Years 1 to 6 may borrow up to four books. If a book is lost or damaged you will be notified in writing and supplied with details of the book and the cost of replacement. A library bag is required for borrowing.

Twice a year each Stage will invite the school community including parents to a showcase of their learning.


This is an opportunity for each student to showcase specific learning to an external audience. 

Children attend Mass at various times throughout the year. On some occasions ‘buddy’ classes or Stage classes celebrate together, and at other times the whole school celebrates together. We also have a Sunday Family Stage Mass each term, so that families may celebrate the Eucharist together. Details of Masses will appear in school newsletter and on our website, to allow parents to join us.

We ask you to discourage your child from bringing unnecessary amounts of money, expensive presents, etc. to school, as we cannot take responsibility for the loss of such items.

You are asked to mark all clothing and equipment used at school with your child's name. It will be necessary to renew the name from time-to-time as it fades or becomes illegible after washing.

The Lost Property box is located on the deck outside Stage 2. Items labelled with student names are returned to the student.

Non-labelled items remain in the box until the end of each term when they are added to the second hand uniform stock.

We understand that some parents need to give their children a mobile phone for safety reasons. The following points are for your information:

  • All mobile phones are to be placed in the class office bag in the morning and sent to the office for safe keeping.
  • At the end of the day the office bag is collected and the phones returned.
  • No mobile phones are to be used or visible in the playground before school, or at any time during the school day.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used to show or take photos
  • Mobile phones are not to be used to text or ring another student or parent.
  • If a student is not complying with the above, the mobile phone will be confiscated by the teacher and parent contacted.

The provision of the above expectations ensures responsible use of mobile phones.

Our school newsletter is uploaded to the school website each fortnight, on Thursdays afternoon providing details of activities at the school.

Copies of the fortnightly Newsletter are archived on the school website. If parents are unable to access the digital online version, they can request a hard copy from the school office.


Visit our school website to subscribe to our newsletter. 

Up-to-date information, sharing of news and events and other important information, can be found by accessing the school website at https://www.stbernadetteslalorpark.catholic.edu.au/. or visiting the school facebook page.


If, for any urgent reason, parents wish to speak to their child during school hours, they must call into the school office first to sign in, collect and wear a visitor’s label. This is to ensure the safety of children on the playground. Parents must sign out before leaving the school premises.

If you wish to drop off something to your child (e.g. hat, lunch, etc.), this can be left at the school office and will be given to your child without delay.

Parents may be invited to assist in classroom activities as advised by the class teachers.

Parent volunteers must have completed Child Protection Online Training. Volunteers must sign in to the visitor portal at the office and wear a ‘volunteer’ label while at the school, and then sign out when they are leaving the school grounds.

Any interaction with students is highly confidential and cannot be spoken about to anyone.

Where a child needs to be taken out of school during the day, such as for an appointment, parents need to come to the office and the student will be scanned out of the school.  This will be recorded as a partial absence on the students record.    

Parents are asked never to pick up another parent's child without the written permission and knowledge of the child's parents. Do not take the word of the child as evidence that mum or dad has given them permission to be picked up to be taken to your place.

It is school policy that a child will not be allowed to go home with another child's parents unless written permission is given to the class teacher.

The Parent Group operates to support the school. Parent Group Meetings are held during Week 6 on Tuesday night.  All parents are invited to attend.

The aims of the Parent Group are:

  • to promote an atmosphere of Christian life
  • to assist in keeping the school in good order and repair
  • to raise funds for the provision of equipment and teaching aids as may be deemed necessary
  • to confer with the Parish Priest and the Principal in matters relating to the needs of the school
  • to provide a means of meeting socially for all associated with the school

The school has strong links to the Parish and works in collaboration to ensure the faith development of students. This is achieved by ensuring students have regular opportunities to attend mass / liturgies. The school and parish work together to assist families with the sacramental process which is conducted by the parish.

We ask all of our families to keep our neighbors in mind when parking. Do not park across driveways or impede driveways at any time. The top playground is for staff parking and parents should not drive in there at any time.

Each year the school will seek permission from parents for the school to take photographic images of students in school related activities.

Images may then be used to promote the school in the newsletter, school and CEDP Facebook Page and other modes of communication.

All children at St Bernadette's participate in one hour of organised physical activity, including a weekly PE skills development program and a weekly games period.

Sport Carnivals

All children in the school are invited to attend and participate in inter-house athletics and swimming carnivals. From these carnivals children are chosen to represent the school at zone, diocesan and state level.  The school also participates in a cross-country event organised by the Parramatta Diocese and has participated in various invitational carnivals. Infants students participate in water fun day held at school instead of attending the Swimming Carnival.

Sport House Teams

There are four house teams in the school:

Barton Red
Chisholm Blue
Mackillop Gold
Leonard Green

Children will be placed into one of these house groups upon enrolment in the school.

The school expectations will be taught throughout the first term of each year. They will be displayed in each classroom and also around the school.

Each expectation will be the focus at each assembly for the first four weeks of Term 1. Teachers are then to follow up with ‘teach and practice’ sessions in the classroom.

1. I am safe

  • keep hands and feet to self
  • walk inside buildings 
  • walk around the playground
  • use materials and equipment safely
  • always wear a hat when outdoors
  • stay in the supervised areas

2. I am respectful

  • be a good listener
  • include others and treat them the way you want to be treated
  • allow others to be different
  • acknowledge the ideas of others

3. I am responsible

  • take care of yourself
  • take care of the things you use
  • allow others to resolve their own problems
  • act honestly
  • accept the outcomes of your behaviour

4. I am a learner

  • participate actively
  • follow the directions the first time
  • take turns
  • share with others
  • stay on task

All students are encouraged to participate in the PRC. The program is coordinated through the Library and supported by class teachers.

Books on the PRC list are easily identified in our Library collection. Certificates are presented to students who complete the Challenge.

  • Smoking - No smoking is allowed on school premises. We also ask that there is no smoking on the footpath areas at the entrance to the school
  • Alcohol
  • Dogs - The Companion Animals Act bans dogs from public places such as school premises
  • Offensive/Aggressive language or behaviour directed towards staff, students or parents.

Year 3 children preparing for the reception of the sacraments of First Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Holy Communion, will participate in a parish-based and family-centred program. 

Parents are responsible for enrolling their children in the program and attending a series of small group discussions (usually four for each sacrament) with their children, to share aspects of their faith.

Reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and Confirmation usually occurs one night during the week. The sacrament of the Eucharist occurs during the normal Sunday liturgy.

First Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Eucharist take place over three terms in Year 3, commencing in Term 2.

The school’s Religious Education program also develops the children's knowledge and understanding of these sacraments during the appropriate year levels.

  • Traffic using Gardenia Grove to drop off or collect children before and after school, is very heavy and congestion often occurs at these times.
  • Parents are reminded that parking is prohibited on the school side of Gardenia Grove during school hours, and that ‘no standing’ areas also apply. 
  • Traffic wardens patrol this area and fines can be issued for illegal parking.
  • All parents are asked to be patient when accessing Gardenia Grove at these times.
  • For safety reasons please turn vehicles at the end of the cul-de-sac to exit from Gardenia Grove and not to overtake other vehicles.
  • A kiss ‘n’ drop system has been implemented to ease traffic congestion. Parents are asked to be patient and remain in line.
  • Parents are asked to remember to walk around the cul-de-sac when collecting their children and not to cross the road through traffic.

Dashboard signs are required if you are picking up your child by car.
These are available by contacting the school office.

Please do not call your child across the street when picking up children after school. It is far safer to walk across and walk your children back across the crossing.

The school has a designated school bag that is part of school uniform. Students are encouraged to add an identifying token e.g. a toy or key ring to their bag to assist with identification.

A trained counsellor attends our school two days per week to provide support to students, parents and teachers in regard to students’ learning. Students are referred to the Counsellor by teachers via the Diversity Team, in consultation with parents or carers. Parents may also wish to discuss with the Principal referring their child directly to the Counsellor.

School Hours

Morning Playground Supervision Time:


Morning Bell



11:00am to 11:30am


1:25pm to 2:10pm



Both individual and group photos are taken once a year. The date is advised in the school newsletter.

Each year there are days set aside for the teachers to participate in professional development programs or in-service. These days ensure the continuing development of the staff and consequent benefits to the children. On these days there are no classes for the children. The NSW Government has designated the last two days of Term 4 as Staff Development Days.  Families will be notified of additional days throughout the school year.

In Term 1 all families are encouraged to attend Parent Teacher Chats. This is an opportunity for parents to communicate what they see as their child’s learning focus in the coming year. 

In Terms 2 and 4 Semester Reports are provided. All parents are encouraged to attend parent interviews in Term 2 where student progress and next step learning is discussed. Parents and staff  are encouraged to meet with each other as the need arises to ensure individual student learning progresses. 

Twice a year each Stage will invite the school community including parents to a showcase of their learning.    This is an opportunity for each student to showcase specific learning to an external audience.

We aim to ensure the best possible care and safety for all our students and to develop in each student high standards of self-discipline and respect.

St Bernadette’s is a Positive Behaviour Support for Learning school. We acknowledge the impact positive behaviour has on our environment. We recognise that the most desirable and effective learning occurs in a warm, friendly, well-supervised and well-disciplined learning environment.

Children are rewarded for taking a positive approach to school expectations

  • I am a Learner
  • I am Respectful
  • I am Responsible
  • I am Safe

An anti-bullying policy is in place and students are taught and encouraged to say 'No' to bullying. Strategies include Stop! Talk! Walk! And questions like:
Is it fair? Is it safe? Is it sensible?

The Student Leadership Program acknowledges our Year 6 students as leaders of the school who are able to contribute to the wellbeing of the school.

St Bernadette's has a sun care policy formulated by parents and teachers. It states that all children need to wear their school hat when outside. As our school policy states that children without their school hat are not allowed to play or participate in sport, they must stay seated in the designated shade. Parents are asked to ensure that children keep their school hat in their school bag. Parents are also asked to apply sunscreen or supervise older children in the application of sunscreen prior to leaving for school.

Additional verandah and shaded areas have been made available for the comfort and safety of the children on hot days. Our shade areas add to the number of locations where children are protected from the sun.

Supervision of students on the school premises commences at 8:30 am.   School gates will open at 8.30am each morning.


Students may arrive at school and remain in the ‘Middle Playground’ where they are supervised by a teacher until the bell.


Monday and Friday children line up under the shade cloth for assembly and class teachers come to that area and accompany students to class.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday students will proceed straight to their classrooms.


Students have a recess break for 30 minutes. During this time teachers are on duty supervise the Infants students in the Adventure Playground, and the Primary students are supervised under the shade cloth.


Students are supervised by their class teacher while they eat their lunch.


Students have a lunch break for 30 minutes. During this time teachers are on duty supervise the Infants students in the Adventure Playground, and the Primary students are supervised under the shade cloth.

  • Infants in the Adventure Playground
  • Primary under the shade cloth 

Library:   Makerspace operates Monday to Wednesday

                Games Club each lunch time

                Reading and listening to books runs Monday to Wednesday.

Garden:   Operates when volunteers are available.



All students assemble with their class teacher under the shade cloth area.


Students are taken to the various exit points by a duty teacher and are supervised until they are collected by parents, bus or OOSH. Staff supervises children waiting for school buses, crossing the street in front of the school or while waiting for parents to collect them from the Gardenia Grove gate. Students not collected are taken to the Kiss and Drop for supervision.


Any students remaining after this time are taken to the office and their parents are contacted. The students remain there under supervision until they are collected by their parent.

The school is well equipped with a variety of technology. Classrooms have access to Chrome Books, MacBooks, iPads and Apple TVs. As well as a variety of applications and access to Google's online learning platforms. We regularly utilise technology to assist quality teaching which fully engages students in their learning.

It is both a legal requirement and a safety issue that ALL visitors report to the office and sign in and out using our visitors portal. This is necessary in the unlikely event of a fire, evacuation, lockdown etc, but more importantly for the safety of the students in our care. Once signed in a label will be printed that must be worn whilst on school grounds. Thank you for your support in the important matter.

In the event of wet weather, children stay in their own classroom or on the verandah during recess and lunchtime. Parents are asked to ensure children have a raincoat, etc. in their bags at all times, to cater for sudden changes in weather.

After school on wet weather days, parents are asked to wait for their child in their usual area. The children will line up under cover and be sent to the parents when the bell rings. Children waiting for Gardenia Grove or buses will remain under cover.

Umbrellas are not allowed at school for safety reasons.

In circumstances of extreme hot weather children will remain in their classrooms or on the verandah during recess and lunch.